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First Derry Presbyterian Church Records

Records contained within the church relate primarily to the nineteenth and twentieth century including a large selection of births, deaths and marriage registers. There are also extensive Communicant Rolls, Church, Communicant and Session Minutes which provide insight into the members of the church and the daily work of the church during that period. Special finds within the church library include A Sermon Preached in the Church on 12 August 1860 by Reverend Richard Smyth. Smyth, a professor at Magee College in the city later became a moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland and played a key role in settling the financial affairs of the church in 1870. The library also contains the Journal of Reverend Dr John Galbraith, a missionary from Ireland, which details his travels and missionary work in the mid-nineteenth century.
* Some records are undated and uncatalogued.

Certificate of Baptism 1815-1935
Certificate of Baptism 1830-1837 Cat. No. SR34
Certificate of Baptism 1837-1841 Cat. No. SR35
Certificate of Baptism 1841-53 Cat. No. SR33a
Certificate of Baptism 1840-1845 Cat No. 36
Certificate of Baptism 1853-1864 Cat No. 36
Certificate of Baptism – 1936-46 Cat. No. SR40
Certificate of Baptism 1974-78 Cat. No. SR41

1815-1935 Cat. No. SR35
1831-1837 Cat. No. SR37
1837-1840 Cat. No. SR35
1845-52 Cat. No. SR38
1857-1865 – Cat. No. SR39
1845-1873 – Cat. No. SR27
1873-1888 – Cat. No. SR28
1888-1897 – Cat. No. SR29
1898-1908 – Cat. No. SR30
1908-1917 – Cat. No. SR31
1917-1936 – Cat. No. SR32
1937-1957 Cat. No. SR33

Deaths (Register)
1857-1886 – Cat. No. SR42

Church Reports
Annual reports 1853-1886 Cat. No. SH71
Annual reports 1904-1923 Cat. No. SH73
Minutes of Session of 1st Derry 1866-1940 Cat. No. SR10
1st Derry Pew Committee – 1934
Church reports 1887-1903 Cat. No. SH72
Church Reports 1930-1947 Cat. No. SH75
Church reports 1915-1929 sh74
Clerk of Sessions Journal
Committee Minutes 1845-1885 Cat. No. SH14
Committee Minutes 1917-48 Cat. No. SH16
Communicants Roll 1864-1916 Cat. No. SH19
Communicants Roll 1917-1918 Cat No. SR20
Communicants Roll 1946-56 Cat. No. SR24
Communicants Roll 1956-1964 Cat. No. SR22
Communicants Roll 1964-73 Cat. No. SR23
Commission to Superintend Missionary 1752 Cat. No. SH50a
Financial reports 1887-1904 Cat. No. SH78
Financial Reports 1942-1957
Financial Reports 1932-1957 Cat. No. SH76
1st Derry Sustentation Fund 1884-1888
1st Derry in Communion with Presbyterian Church of East Africa – donated 15/1/67 Cat. No. SH67
Minutes of Sub-Committee on Church renovation 1895 Cat. No. SH57
Payments 1934-1982
Payments 1959-1982
Presbytery reports 1866-1865 Cat. No. SH77
Quarterly Reports 1908-1919 Cat. No. SH69
Reports on 1st Derry 1909-47; 1948-73; 1974-97; 99; 2000
Reports Of committee of 1st Derry for 1848-1852
Roll of honour 1914-19 Cat. No. SH90
Set Letting Book 1922-45
Session Minutes 1940-85 Cat. No. 11
Session Book 1810-1866 Cat. No. SR70
Sunday Collections 1918-1951 Cat. No. SH48
Sunday Collections 1859-1904 Cat. No. SH47
Temperance Minute Book 1882
Transcript of Lagan Minutes Vol. 1 1673 Cat. No. SH70
Treasury Book 1942
Treasury Book 1945

School Records
Sabbath School Congregation List:
Sabbath Roll 1898-1902
Sabbath Roll 1906-1908
Communicants Class 1905
Minutes of Teachers Meetings 1844-72
Sunday school – 1834, 1850, 1854
Sunday School roll 1871-1875 Cat. No. SH58
Constitution and discipline of the Presbyterian Church
1st Derry school 1897-88
1st Derry Primary Roll Book 1956
Widows Charity receipt book 1839-1874 Cat. No. SH45

Miscellaneous Correspondence – Diaries, Notebooks, Other
Cruise Diary – Cat. No. 5H65
1ST Derry Choir Book 1923
1st Derry choir 1945-1946, 1947-1949, 1949-1952
Glasgow prize and degree list 1842/43 to 1851/52
Voice from Ireland – Cat. No. 229
History of the Harvey Fund
Ireland and Italy: A sermon preached in 1st Derry Presbyterian Church on 12 August, 1860 – Reverend Richard Smyth – Londonderry, 1869 Cat. No. SH52
Journal of John Glabraith – Missionary 1845 Cat. No. SH43
Plea of Presbytery – Joseph Orr 1889
New Testament 1806
1st Derry Library Records May 1853 – M. Crawford
Library Register 1890-1892, 1895-1909
Ulster Scots Phrase book
A history of congregation in Presbyterian Church 1610-1982 Cat No. SH68
Journal of John Galbraith missionary 1846 Cat. No. SH44
Lists of forces names and addresses 1939-45 Cat. No. SH60
Band of hope 1889 Cat. No. SH56
Minutes of 1st Derry Zenana 1908 Cat. No. SH55
Minutes of Women’s Association 1891-1913 Cat. No. SH54
Minutes of Women’s Association for Christian work 1886-1891 Cat. No. SH53