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Primary Sources

Primary Sources by County

Add. Mss – Additional Manuscripts
B.L. – British Library
Bodl. – Bodleian, Oxford
N.A – National Archives, Dublin
N.L.I. – National Library of Ireland
P.R.O. – Public Records Office, Kew Gardens, London
P.R.O.N.I. – Public Records Office, Northern Ireland

*The numbers preceded by ‘n.’ and ‘p.’ following some manuscript references refers to the their negative and positive micro-film references in the National Library of Ireland.


De L’Isle and Dudley Mss
Articles set down by Captain Pyers concerning the reformation of the North part of Ireland (1578?) (H.M.C., De L’Isle and Dudley Mss, vol II, 1934, pp 87-91.

Lambeth Palace Ms 632
Memorial from Mr Morrison touching the state of Ireland Aug. 1584.
Letter from Sir John Perrot concerning a discourse of his service in Ulster against the Scots.
n.2804, p. 1706

Account of the services done by Sir Richard Bingham, Governor of Ulster, in Ireland, 1585
n.1185, p. 1386.

Bodleian Add C. 39
An account of Ireland and it’s condition by, or copied by, Sr. E. W. [Edward Waterhouse], Dec. 1586, followed by a further special account of Ulster.

B.L. Harleian Ms 6996
Letter of Sir R. Bingham to the lord keeper on Irish affairs, especially Ulster, Dec. 4 (1594)
n.1687 p. 1429.

Cotton Mss Titus B
A discourse for the reformation of Ulster by colonies, 1598
n.1174 p.1375

Salisbury Ms
Reasons to induce the undertaking and peopling of Ulster (1602) (H.M.C. Salisbury Ms, Pt. XIV, 1923, p. 242.

Bodl Laud Misc 612
(Extracts) The ancient estate of certain bishopprickes in Ulster…the present estate…written after 1607
n. 4213, p. 3884

Bodl. Ms Rawlinson A.237
(Extracts) A book of the king’s lands found upon the last general survey within the province of Ulster 1608 (Transcribed by Miss Parker (Anal Hibernica, no. 3, Sept. 1931.

Ulster Plantation Papers from Ms N.2.2 in Trinity College Dublin.

Bodl. Rawlinson A. 237
Part of an order by Lord Deputy Chichester that the people of Ulster shall not live a wandering life in temporary cabins but shall be gathered into towns and villages, July 1608

Bodl. Rawlinson A. 237
Notes on the plantation and settlement of the escheated lands in Ulster by Lord Chichester, Sept. 1608.

Armagh Public Library
Bundle I.G.I.1. The commission and grand inquisition concerning the escheated lands in Ulster, 1609.

Lambeth Palace Ms 630
Collection of papers, formerly in the possession of Sir George Carew, earl of Totnes, mostly relating to the plantation of Ulster, 1609-18
n.2804, p. 1706

Lambeth Palace 630
Articles agreed upon between the lords of the council and the mayor etc. of London touching a plantation in Ulster, 1609.

B.L. Add Mss 4780
Account of the conquest of Ireland followed by a discourse on the Ulster Plantation, containing an account of the motives that induced the city of London to undertake the plantation (c. 1609-17)
n.394 p.13.

Lambeth Palace Ms 630
Note of thing to be observed in order to the settling of the plantation of Ulster, June 1609
n.2804, p. 1706.

T.C.D. Ms 595
Inquisitions concerning the six escheated counties of the north of Ireland, taken in 1610

B.L. Add Ms 34, 313
(Extract) A direction for the plantation of Ulster, containing in it six principal things by T. Blennerhasset
n.881-2, p. 763-4

B.L. Lansdowne 159
Conditions to be observed by the British Undertakers of the escheated lands in Ulster, printed Londson1610
n.1699, p.1441.

Lambeth Palace Ms 630
Copy of several warrants and proclamations touching the plantation of Ulster, 1610, 1611; Conditions to be observed by the natives and servitors of the escheated lands of Ulster, 1610; Account of the buildings erected by the English on the escheated lands in Ulster, 1611
n.2804, p. 1706

B.L. Cotton Ms Titus B.X.
Letter of John Davys reporting on the progress made in the plantation of Ulster, Nov 1610
n.1173, p. 1374.

Downshire Ms
Letter of Samuel Calvert to W. Trumbull giving an account of the difficulties experienced in the Ulster Plantation May 1613 (H.M.C. Rep. Downshire Ms, iv, 1940m pp 116-7, 267-8.

N.L.I. Ms 4130
Conditions to be observed by the British undertakers of the escheated lands of Ulster by Jer Bamtone, 1615 (Copy of a printed work or copy prepared for the printer).

Edinburgh, Register House Ms N/ 2/3
Papers relating to the Ulster Plantation including a book of survey of the land belonging to the company of Haberdashers, 1615
n.808, p. 1013.

Belfast P.R.O.N.I.
T.615 (4-5)
Reasons for the plantation in Ireland c. 1615-25, extracted from Harl. Ms 3292

T.C.D. Ms 864
Nicholas Pynner Survey of the counties of Cavan, Fermanagh, Donegal Tyrone, Armagh and Derry…with the names of undertakers, servitors and principal natives, 1618.

Lambeth Ms 613
Lord Deputy St. John’s report concerning the plantation of Longford and O’Carroll’s country, 1618. A book of the plantation of Ulster
n.2798, p. 1700

B.L. Add Ms 18, 735
A muster book of all the undertakers, servitors and natives in Leinster and Ulster…by George Alleyne, 1618
n.780, p. 506

Marsh’s Library
Instructions to be observed in the plantation of the county of Leitrim…Instructions for passing the undertaken lands in Ulster, 17th cent.

Sackville Ms
Papers dealing with the plantation in Longford and Ulster, 1621 (H.M.C. Rep. 7, app. 1879, pp 250, 253, 258-9.

Dublin City Library
Gilbert Coll. Ms 170
Return of the revenues paid by Connaught and Ulster to the Irish exchequer for the half-year ending Michaelmas 1622.

Entry-book of reports of the commissioners of Inquiry for Ireland, relating to the plantation of the six escheated counties of Ulster, 1622.

Coper Ms
Memorial by Sir Thomas Phillips to the king on the Ulster Plantation. There are only 7,000 instead of 30,000 British in the escheated counties Danger of invasion by the former owners now in Irish regiments Nov. 1630 (H.M.C. Rep. 12, app 1, p. 416).

B.L. Add Mss 4770
Muster Roll of Ulster, 1630, original in the possession of Mr T.G. Paterson.

Edinburgh. Register House Ms N/2/3
Papers relating to the plantation of Ulster…including information for the earl of Morton (c.1635)

T.C.D. Ms 747
Papers relating to the plantation of Ulster and the rebellion of 1641, 17th cent

House of Lords Ms
The Scots Proposition for ammunition for Ulster, Feb. 1642
(H.M.C., Rep. 5, app. 1876, pp 6, 29, 112).

T.545 Extracts from Rawlinson Mss relating to Ulster, 1645-8.

Egmont Ms
Correspondence of Sir P. Percivall with Sir James Montgomerie and Sir W. Stewart concerning the war in Ulster (H.M.C. Egmont Ms, vol. 1, 1905, pp. 355-448.

Hastings Ms
Correspondence of George Monck, afterwards duke of Albemarle, and others, while commanding in Ulster (H.M.C. Hastings, vol. Ii, 1930, pp 352-61.

Letter of Colonel R. Duckenfield to W. Clarke, in which he says that the old feud between the Scots and us is appearing in the north of Ireland where the English are outing the Scots of their possessions in Ulster. The Irish fly to Connaught March 1650

T.C.D. Ms 806
(Extracts) The substance of the declaration for settling Ireland, 1660, with papers on the plantation of Ulster. The picture of an Irish Papists, drawn from the preface of a libelling letter, reported by S.H., with the libel annexed, 17th cent
n. 5029, p. 5044

B.L. Harleian Ms 7009
(Extracts) Project for the division and plantation of the escheated lands in the six counties of Ulster
n.1688 p. 1430

Lambeth Palace Library Ms 630

A book containing the difference between the British undertakers, servitors, natives etc. Names of servitors and natives to whom escheated lands in Ulster were granted…Table for the division of the English and Scottish servitors…Summary distribution of the
n.2804, p. 1706

B.L. Cotton Titus BX
A remembrance and a project for the northern plantations in Ireland by Hugh Werrall, early 17th cent.
n.1173, p. 1374.

T.C.D. Ms 1209
Photostat copy of “The River of Lough Foyle with the Citty of Londonderry”, drawn on paper by Thomas Raven, 11625
16 L. 10(22).



R.I.A. 24 Q.22
Historical collections relating to County Antrim from earliest period to 1828, compiled by S. Mc Skimin, 19th cent.

Dublin, Ordnance Survey Office
Manuscript index of names of persons collected from various printed sources relating to the 16th and 17th centuries dealing with the counties of Derry, Tyrone, Armagh, Antrim and Down. Compiled by Dr. Séamus Ó Ceallaigh c. 1935
n.4760 p. 4748

R.I.A. Ms 14 B. 7, 11
Extracts from and indexes of places in various manuscripts and printed sources relating to Counties Antrim, Down…Londonderry
n.5257-8, p 5366-7

T.822 Copy of the report of the Plantation Commissioners, 1611, on Co. Down, Antrim, Belfast, Carrickfergus, Monaghan and Inisowen, from Lambeth Palace 630

Lambeth Palace 630
Account of the plantation of County Fermanagh, 1611. Report of the voluntary works done by the servitors etc. upon their lands within Co. Down, Co. Antrim, Co. Monaghan
n.2804, p. 1706.

Typescript copies of religious census showing the denominations of inhabitants of the parishes of Aghoghill, Ballentoy, and Ballymoney, County Antrim and Inch, Kilbroney and Seapatrick, County Down, in 1766

Ormonde Mss
Letter of the duke of Ormonde to Viscount Massereene, concerning Presbyterians in County Antrim. With Massereene’s reply, Jan 12, 18 1678 (H.M.C. Report 6, app. 1877), p. 746

Tithe accounts of Antrim Parish, 1714.

Marsh’s Library Ms Z.3 1.1
Depositions of Rev. J. Smyth and Rev. J. Martin of Ballentoy, County Antrim and Rev. G. Fanning of Benvarden, County Antrim, concerning unlawful searches of their houses for arms by sub-sheriff, militia and Presbyterians, 28 Feb. 1715
n.2836, p. 1946

P.R.O.N.I. T.828 (1-2)
Genealogical notes on the family of Schaw/Shaw of Scotland and Ballyalley, County Antrim

Add Ms 32, 627
Journal of the principal events in the life of Alexander Chesney of Duclug, Ballymena who emigrated to South Carolina in 1772m and served as a royalist in the American War of Independence, returning to Ireland in 1782 (see S.L. Poole, Life of General F.R. Chesney, 1885)
n.873 p. 755

Dobbs papers/D.162
36 documents collected by Arthur Dobbs, relating to County Antrim, 1568-1740 (for further details (See Special List no. 6.) Papers relating to the Dobbs family, mostly affairs of Arthur Dobbs, Surveyor General of Ireland, explorer in Canada and governor of North Carolina, 1754-65 (See Special List no. 68.
n. 1663, p. 1407

Cowper Ms
Letter of Sir R. Plumleigh to Sir J. Cokeon piracy around Ireland, mentions Denny who seived two ships out of the harbour of Carrickfergus, 13 Nov. 1633 (H.M.C., Report 12, app 2, 1888, p. 36.

Egmont Ms
Letter of Rober Southwell Sr. to Coronet James Dogherty describing a mutiny in Carrickfergus, suppressed by the duke of Ormonde May 1666 (H.M.C. Egmont, vol ii, 1909, p. 16)

Portland Ms
Letter of Sir Charles Coote to Lenthall concerning the siege of Doe Castle Jan 24 1650 (H.M.C., Rep. 13, app. 1, 1891, pp 517-8).

B.M. Add Ms 4763
Misc. papers on Irish affairs, Description of Dal Riada by C. O Duigeannan
n.389-90, p. 8-9.

D.207 (16)
Massareene Papers including rental of 16 towns in Antrim, 1668

…Letters of T. Cunningham as a medical student in Edinburgh
(Originals in Edinburgh University Library).

Buccleugh and Queensbury Ms
Letter of Alexander, duke of Moray, to the duke of Queensbury sending information on the rogues that went to Scotland from the Island of Magee in Ireland, 30 Apr. 1685 (H.M.C., Bucc and Queens, vol. II, 1903, p. 61

T. 694 (I)
Rent Roll of the Earl of Antrim’s estate, mainly in the baronies of Dunluce and Kilconway, 1682-96

Hastings Ms
Two letters from Viscount Conway to Sir George Rawdon concerning a rendezvous of troops, some under Sir Arthur Forbes to make a show of Strength, Oct 3,6 1674 (H.M.C. Hastings Ms, vol. II, 1930, pp 382-3).
[Conway-Rawdon correspondence is particularly good for the restoration period, great deal in Cal. State Papers]

Oxford, Bodl.
Tanner Ms 31
A true state of the diocese of Down and Connor, July 1685…represented to the earl of Clarendon. These visitations may shed light on the strength of Presbyterianism and Scottish migration throughout the 16th century.

Griffith Ms
Narrative of the repulse of Sir Phelim O’Neale and Sir Con Magenis by Sir Am Tyringham at Lisnegarvy, Nov. 1641 (H.M.C., Rep. 5, 1876, pp 413-4).

Hastings Ms
Re. Defeat of Sir Phelim O’Neill, Nov. 1641 (H.M.C. Hastings Ms, vol. II, 1930, pp 351-2).

Portland Ms
Letter from E. Conway to Col. E. Harley concerning the war in Ireland (H.M.C. report 14, app 2, 1894, p. 164.

Lodor-Symmonds Ms
Copy of a letter from Sir C. Coote and R. Venebles desiring relief from the English Inhabitants of Lisnegarvy, which has been pillaged by Col. Monroe and Sir Phelim O’Neale, 12 Dec 1649 (H.M.C. Report 13, app 4, 1892, p. 387.

Dean of Down Ms
A church of Ireland catechism in Irish used in Rathlin Island, brief notes and accounts relating to the Irish catechism and other Rathlin affairs (original in the possession of the Dean of Down).
n.3622, p. 3240.

Salisbury Ms
Letter of Captain Dautrey to Sir Robert Cecil…wants to raise 15,00 or 2,000 mere Irish to fight in Brittany (H.M.C., Salisbury Mss, Pt IV, 1892, pp 566-7).



Hastings Ms
Survey by Sir John Bodley of undertakers and servitors planted in Ulster Feb-April 1613 (H.M.C. Hastings, IV, 1947, pp 159-82

T.C.D. Ms 864
Nicholas Pynner’s survey of Armagh, Tyrone, Londonderry, Wexford, Cork and other places, 1618

Lambeth Palace Ms 630
Project for the division and plantation of escheated lands concluded by the King’s commissioners, July 1618
n.2804, p. 1706.

N.L.I. Ms 8014
Papers of Sir Nathaniel Rich concerning the commission of 1622, his journal notes, the plantations in Ulster with special reference to Tyrone and Armagh. 153 documents.

Muster Rolls for the counties Armagh, Cavan, Fermanagh and Tyrone, 1631, copies from B.L. Add Ms 4770

Armagh County Museum
Rental of the Brownlow Estate in County Armagh for the years 1636, 1659, 1667-1677
n.4095, p. 3764.

T. 729
Copy of the rent rolls of the See of Armagh, 1615-1746, including a return of the tenants’ names returned at a manor court held by the Archbishop in 1714.

Manchester Ms
A note of the names of all the tenants of W. Brownlowe, apparently in Clanbreasaill (1622?) (H.M.C., Report 8, App 2, 1881, p. 30).

N.L.I. Ms 11,121
Account of raids by tories in the parishes of Keady and Derrymore, County Armagh, 1674.

Depositions relating to the burning of Freeduff Presbyterian Meeting House, County Armagh, 1743.

Eyre-Matcham Ms
Letter of Sir A. Acheson to G. Dodington…saying that there are few or none of the old Irish in his part of the country, Markethill, Apr. 1737 (H.M.C., Rep Ms in Various Collections, Vi, 1909, pp 67-8.

Ms 8018
Gosford Papers
Letters on public and private affairs to Sir A. Acheson, 1750-90.

Ms 3567
Description of a journey made to Bath by way of Scotland by Michael Obins, of Portadown, in October 1768.

Armagh Public Library (safe)
Memoirs of Tynan, by Dr. Reeves
[*There is a proliferation of these types of local histories which can be mined with great profit for material on the Ulster Scots. Access through Hayes, Worldcat, National Union Catalogue, English Books in Print, ER McClintock Dix]

House of Lord Ms
Petition on appeal of Rev. J. Greebshields, formerly Tynan, County Armagh against the magistrates of Edinburgh concerning his right to preach (House of Lords Mss, new series, viii, 1923, pp 356-9).

Kings Inns Ms
Prendergast Papers
The Plantation of Idrone by Sir Peter Prendergast, 1578 with a history of the Bagenals of Dunleckney, 1585-1710.

Dublin City Library
Gilbert Coll. Ms 34
Justice Robinson’s papers. Letters relative to the attainder of James Freney…Abstracts of presentments for Derry, Donegal, Tyrone, Fermanagh and Cavan.

Portland Ms
Letter of Col. R. Venebles to Dr Henry Jones, Scout-Master General, describing a defeat of the enemy by Sir Theophilus Jones, June 17 1752 (H.M.C.Report 13, App 1 1891, p. 654).

Heathcote Ms
Letter of Consul Wescombe to Sir R. Fanshawe, saying that a ship arrived from Dublin in 12 days, report that Scots Irish are up in arms about Belturbet, near Balck Bog and headed by Sir Phelim O’Neill Feb 1665 (H.M.C. Heathcote Ms, 1899, pp 177-8).

Portland Ms
Letters of Sir C. Phipps/Francis Iredell concerning dissenters in Ireland, a presbytery held in Belturbet etc. and suggestion that their activities be curbed (H.M.C. Portland, V, 1899, pp 254-6, 339-40). 

Ms 2720
“Photostat” copy of a MSS in Yale University Library being the Annals of Cork, 1600-1800

Hastings Ms
Two warrants from Lord Chichester to Sir John Davies for pardons to a large number of persons from Armagh, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Londonderry, Wexford, Cork and other places, Feb. 1614 (H.M.C., Hastings MS, IV, 1947, pp 43-4.

Salisbury MS
Murder and the re-introduction of Irish customs (H.M.C. Salisbury, Pt. III 1889, p. 160).

Cotton Ms Julius F. VI Description of the Province of Munster, 1599
n.1163, p. 1364.

Egmont Ms
Deposition regarding a search for Cornelius O’Sullivan, March 1674 (H.M.C. Egmont Ms II, 1909, pp 32-3).

Egmont Ms
Copy of a letter of J. Percivall regarding grant of a party of foot to protect Liscarroll, Nov. 1653 (H.M.C. Egmont, I, 1905, pp 527-8

Egmont Ms
Letter of R. Beare stating that certain lands are outside line of defence against tories Nov. 1653 (H.M.C. Egmont, I, 1905, pp 526-7).

House of Lords Ms
Conspiracy in Ireland case of Patrick Lavellan, 1681 9H.M.C. Report 11, App 2m 1887, pp 233-4).



D.683 (6-13) Inquisitions as to lands in Counties Tyrone and Donegal and papers relating to the new plantation of Ulster, 1608-10.

Hastings Ms
Survey by Sir John Bodley of the undertakers and servitors planted in Ulster between Feb-Apr. 1613 (H.M.C. Hastings Ms, IV, 1947m pp 159-82).

N.L.I. Ms 9583
Subsidy Rolls, Co. Tyrone 1664; Hearth Money Rolls, Co. Tyrone, 1664, Co. Donegal 1665m Co. Fermanagh 1665-6; Subsidy Roll co Fermanagh, 1662.
Gen. Office Hearth Money Rolls Co Armagh 1664; Co. Donegal 1665

Paterson Ms
Typed copy of Hearth Money Roll for Co. Donegal, 1665, and Ms copy of the same for County Antrim
n. 12-3, p. 206-7

N.L.I. Ms 968
Books of survey and distribution for County Donegal

N.L.I. Ms 5117-25.
Typescript copies of material for a history of County Donegal, by Rev. Michael O’Flanagan

B.L. Harleian Ms 4892
Accounts of the state of Ireland by Sir Francis Brewester, Sir William Gore, of Donegal, and the sufferings of the Protestants Feb. 1693
n. 1683, p. 1425

T.C.D. Lyons-King Ms
Letter of F. Hamilton to Abp. King on the state of the baronies of Enisowen and Kilmacrenan (H.M.C. report 2, app 1874, p. 251).

Delaval Ms
Letter of T. Lindsey to Col. Owen Wynn in Abbey St. Dublin concerning an attempt made upon the Protestants and the murder of Robert Miller by Mr Brown, Milford, Jan. 1748 (H.M.C. Report 13, app 6, 1893, p. 199



N.L.I. Ms 784
Photostat of the rent roll of the estates of Henry, earl of Clanbrassil, County Down, 1670-80. 

Lambeth Palace Ms 630
Account of the plantation in Fermanagh. Reports of the voluntary works done by servitors etc. upon their lands within County Down, Co. Antrim, Co. Monaghan
n.2804, p. 1706

De L’Isle and Dudley Ms
Articles set down by Capt. W. Pyers concerning the reformation of the north part of Ireland (1578?) (H.M.C. De L’Isle and Dudley Ms, II, 1934, pp 87-91).

Clanbrassil Estate
Typed copy of a rent roll of the earl of Clanbrassil’s estate in the Co. Down, 1623-75,
n. 82, p. 279

Eglinton and Winton Papers
Letter from Lt. Col. Montgomery to Alexander, 6th Visc. Eglinton giving an account of the doings of the Scots army in Ulster (H.M.C. Report 10, app. 1, 1885, p. 47).

Salisbury Ms
A collection of proposed acts and orders for the reformation of Ireland. At the end a draft of R. Whyte of Dublin complaining of the spoils of his tenants (H.M.C. Salisbury Ms, Pt. XIII, 1915, o. 108).

Salisbury Ms
Letter from Lord Cromwell to Salisbury Newry…he is under constant raids from the neighbouring woods (Newry, 1606 (H.M.C., Salisbury, pt XVIII, 1940, p. 301).

Sloane Ms 360
(Extract) A poem in English in 19 Cantos entitled “Itur Hibernicum” being the voyages and adventures of three knights errant (1675)
n.666, p. 1



Lambeth Palace Ms 630
Account of the plantation of Fermanagh, 1611
n.2804, p. 1706.

T.C.D. Ms 864
Nicholas Pynnar, survey [Fermanagh], 1618

Ms T.934
Muster Rolls for Armagh, Cavan, Fermanagh and Tyrone from B.L. Add Ms 4770 [are other rolls in this mss, see Kenneth Ferguson.

N.A. Ms 2a 2
Books of Survey and distribution Fermanagh, Monaghan and Cavan

N.L.I. Ms 2085
A history and description of County Fermanagh and some of its inhabitants with some notes on prominent landed families in that country, 1718.

Marchmont Mss
Certificate by Sir John Dunbar …that George Hume has planted 1000 acres with Scottish settlers in Drumcose (H.M.C. Report 14, App 3, 1894, pp 79-80).


Ms 27
Copies of letters to and from Sir Thomas Phillips and letters of other persons, relating to the plantation of Derry

Hastings Mss
Two warrants of Lord Chichester for pardons to a large number of persons named Armagh, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Wexford, Cork, Londonderry and other places (H.M.C. Hastings IV, 1947, pp 43-4).

Nicholas Pynner, Survey of the counties of Cavan, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Donegall Armagh and Derry, with the names of undertakers, servitors and natives,1618.

Lambeth Palace
Ms 630 (Extracts) Project for the division and plantation of the escheated lands
n.2804, p. 4160.

Saxville Ms
Copy of enquiries whether landowners have done their duty in the town and county of Londonderry (H.M.C. Report &, app. 1879, p. 255).

Lambeth Palace
Ms 634
Survey of the estate of the plantation of the county of Londonderry, taken 1624 by Sir Thomas Phillips
n.2805, p. 1707.

Hastings Ms
Attorney General for England to Bishop Bramhall concerning new arrangements for the plantation of Londonderry, March 1639 (H.M.C. Hastings, IV, 1947, p.81).

D.834 Typed extracts from the diary of ensign A. Huey on a voyage to Australia, 1809-11.

Portland Ms
An account, signed Joseph Aickin, of the massacre of the Murrays of Cumber, County Londonderry by Dr. King, then bishop of Derry, Sept 1694 (H.M.C. Report 14, app. 2m 1894, p. 557.

Egmont Ms
Correspondence of Sir Peter Percivall with Sir Charles Coote concerning campaign in Connaught, Derry etc. 1647 (H.M.C., Egmont Ms, I, 1905, pp 358-454). 

Prescott Ms
Letter of Lady Fauconberg to Henry Cromwell regarding the raising of the siege of Londonderry 1655 (H.M.C. Report 2, app 1874, p. 98).

B.L. Stowe 200
Letters from the bishop of Derry and Down and Connor to Essex regarding Presbyterian preachers, 1674.

Ormonde Ms
Information of John Red of Moneymore, concerning various O’Hagans (Tories) (H.M.C., Report 7, app. 1879, pp 746-7).



Lambeth Palace Ms Ms 635
Description of Monaghan,
n.2085, p. 1707.

T.C.D. Ms 580
Extracts from Sir John Davy’s letters to Lord Chancellor Egerton concerning Counties Monaghan and Fermanagh, 1606
n.1193, p. 1393.

B.L. Add 4793
Letters of Sir John Davys on the state of Monaghan, Cavan and Fermanagh, 1607
N260, p. 429.

Lambeth Palace Ms 600
The baronies of the County Monaghan, 1613
n.2794, p. 1696.



Muncaster Ms
Papers relating to the planting in Roscommon to be arranged by Sir Ralf Sidley of certain Grahams and others who were giving trouble on the Scottish Borders, 1606 (H.M.C.Report 10, app 4, 1885, pp 258-9, 267, 269). Also Salisbury Ms, Pt XVIII, 1940, pp 314-5.


Hood Ms

Copy of Sir Richard Bringham [Bingham?] describing the Scots campaign in Sligo (c.1586?) (H.M.C. Report 6, app. 1877, p. 347).



Lambeth Palace Library Ms 617
Sir William Warren’s declarations of what passed at his first and second journies to Tyrone, 1599.
n. 2800, p.1702.

Lambeth Ms 607
Observations by John Leigh, sheriff, relating to County Tyrone, 1608
n.2796, p. 1698.

Buccleugh and Queensbury Ms
Letter of C. Holycoke to W. Montagu describing the county of Tyrone and the prices of food and animals, 1610 (H.M.C., Bucc. and Queens, III, 1926, p. 141).

Hastings Mss
Survey by Sir John Bodley of the undertakers and servitors, 1613 (H.M.C. Hastings, IV, 1947, pp 43-4).

T.C.D. Ms 864
Pynners survey, 1618.

N.L.I. Ms 8014
Papers of Sir Nathaniel Rich, with journal notes relating to the plantation and with special reference to Tyrone and Armagh, 1620-25.